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Past Life Regression - Can be used to tap into the past life experiences that may have affected the way we react to our conscious lives ‘this time around’. Many of us have brought through to this life fears and worries from our past lives. These feelings, emotional and physical, can be unresolved issues from previous incarnations which once understood may be resolved by Past Life Regression.


The story of our soul path is unique to each one of us. Some believe we all have a purpose on this earth spanning back many life times. This deep intelligent and spiritual knowledge is buried in our psyche, soul or higher self. However agreements we may have made before we are born may or may not sit well with our conscious understanding in this lifetime; depending on our upbringing beliefs and education. Each of us on this earth are on a completely different, sometimes satisfying, and sometimes unsettling adventure.


It is believed that the higher self is continually using these experiences and reactions to complete as much of the purpose we agreed to complete. Sometimes gently guiding and sometimes stopping ‘progress’ to ensure you are presented with the right conditions to be tested.


Nothing is wasted in this spiritual development.     



Past Life Regression

Les completed a master class in Past Life Regression in addition to his GHRSC validation to understand the experiences he had to resolve in his own life. Therefore he comes from a position of personal experience and knowledge of just how past lives can affect this present life.